After 2 years of hiatus, I finally found my own way to revive this simfile collection website. Don't expect too much update like previous years -- will going to taking care on them slow and steady.

June 23, 2018
Megumi Xephia

Friday, December 4, 2015

Again... still alive, but just busy with projects

Hello everyone!
Just back for a while -- finals will start next week so before I can't go online for a while, I have to announce some things...

So I still working on PRIME pack and added two J-Music that just added on International builds, then suddenly popped up something because it's December already...

Yes! A Christmas Pack!
Contains 8 songs from any rhythm games that provide Christmas-themed songs (whatever it's original or remix of several Christmas songs). So far this pack only provides DDR mode (4-panels), I might ask some fellow stepcharters to do PIU mode (5-panels) charts and some hardcore charts for both modes (yes I'm not good to tweak it lol), if there's enough time of course :/

Well, I guess that's all I want to report, will do some stepcharts before going to sleep :D
See you!

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