After 2 years of hiatus, I finally found my own way to revive this simfile collection website. Don't expect too much update like previous years -- will going to taking care on them slow and steady.

June 23, 2018
Megumi Xephia

Friday, September 11, 2015

Another comeback?

Hi everyone! Finally today I can announce something important right here and there...
Please take your time and pay attention when read this announcement.


When this blog is oftenly updated with new stuffs, it doesn't mean I've been abandoned that project. I'll clarify the project masterpost is still ongoing or not, if there's cancelled projects, of course I'll close the comment submissions on said post to avoid repeated common questions. I just have no time because college life sometimes hectic and I can't hold all projects in single shot, please kindly understand this situation. Plus, to be honest, this blog editor sometimes messed up like can't save the drafts and whatever it is, and sometimes MediaFire just get drunk while uploading stuffs. Don't ever asking why I'm not uploading it on any other server than MediaFire, because I hate to upload same stuff with different servers (although using mirror upload services, it was like "hell no, you doubled my job, I still have important things to do").

I'm also moved the site description for both sites to proper pages, along with it also added site rules, that will make more convenience and safe. And we're also play fair -- I'm sharing my works, and you're using it properly. No cheating.
And also will going to add progressively about ongoing and upcoming projects on separate pages, though sometimes can be cancelled or putted on hiatus.

I think that's all for the announcement.
Stay tuned for more updates! :)

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